Nearly there, unless…

Once upon a time, we were planning a holiday in the Maldives for my big birthday in January 2016, and then this happened….


The Barn

The barn as we first saw it from the road


Back in November 2015 we had just lost out on an old farmhouse we had set our hearts on buying nearby, and were scouting for something similar in the area when we accidentally came across the barn -for sale and in dire need of renovation.

Now, “only” nine months after we first put in an offer to buy this beautiful old building, and multiple ups and downs later, we think (hope!) we are only about 4 weeks away from our completion date. Completion as in finalising the purchase, not the renovation. No, moving in is probably another whole year’s worth of stress away.

Some day I may write about the time we fought off a rival cash purchaser, and more recently challenged a huge legal issue that was preventing the sale. But for now we have our fingers crossed that we are nearly there…. unless…


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