Mixed news


Bat news all good, mortgage not so good.

The bat survey couldn’t have gone more in our favour if we’d done it ourselves with our eyes closed.

We now have a very costly but very in-depth report from the wonderful Jo at Arbtech detailing the exact time, direction of flight, species, and foraging behaviour of every single bat seen in the vicinity of the barn. Costly, but worth every penny as it turns out, because the welcome news is that though a fair few were there, none were seen flying into or out of the barn. If a single bat had decided to fly in, for a minute, it would have been a whole different story (the even more expensive and time-consuming European Protected Species Licence), but as it is we can start renovations with no conditions except for one. In the unlikely event we find a bat during the work, we stop everything and call in a specialist to remove it safely.

In other news.. the mortgage. There isn’t a huge choice of lender as self-build with advance stage payments is a specialist field and comes with its own set of unique conditions. It’s completely different to buying a house that’s already built, hence all the hoop jumping.

After months of making us submit and resubmit everything – updated payslips, company accounts, council plans, proposed stages of work, estimated costs… pint of blood….sacrificing our first born – somebody at our chosen mortgage company has only just noticed we have six months of the sellers’ original planning permission left, and they insist on a year remaining before they will approve a mortgage. Resubmission and council approval of the plans takes between 2 and 3 months. Great.

So there goes our (now twice revised) build start date of November. What was I saying in my last post about stupidly naïve?3D Template Fig1.psd

For the first time since everything was held up by The Huge Legal Problem, we’re both getting a bad feeling this barn conversion will never happen. If anyone notices the blog come to an abrupt end, we’ve sacked it all and gone to the Maldives.

One of the only things keeping us going is dreaming of the lifestyle we hope the barn will give us some day.




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