We finally own a barn

I haven’t had the heart to update the blog for a while -too scared of jinxing things. Lots of necessary stuff involving more land searches, boundary issues, checking of utilities, and meeting multiple mortgage conditions has been happening (by which I mean Mike has made it happen) …..all very slow, none of it very exciting.

In what has become typical fashion even our “definite” purchase completion date last Friday somehow turned into Monday.

So finally as of yesterday,  Monday 20th February 2017, we are officially the new owners. Ta daaaa!

Cutting it a bit fine, because the ivy has to be off the building before 1st March (yes, the one in eight days) otherwise we would have needed a Nesting Birds Survey before being allowed to do any further work. Thankfully the builder was ready and waiting with temporary scaffolding and this is happening right now as I type …..


We stayed watching for a couple of hours, and loved seeing the details of the barn emerge from under the ivy. There is a nice slightly wavy wooden beam above the front doors that we haven’t been able to see until today. I’m feeling a bit sentimental about everything old, and hoping it will be in good enough condition to be allowed to stay.

It’s now also obvious that the right side of the front wall has been rebuilt at some point because the bricks are a slightly different colour, and there are no diamond shaped ventilation holes, unlike every other original wall. As one of the planning conditions these patterns have to be retained as a feature,  but we haven’t quite decided how to do this yet. Probably by filling the holes with bricks set further back, or by using contrasting black bricks, or both.

Next job, setting up a site office.


Diamond ventilation holes





Luxury open-air hot tub with countryside views. For the record I’m not feeling remotely sentimental about this.






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