And the winner is….

Box number 2.

We are invited to apply for an amendment to the conditions of our planning permission (under Section 73 if you really want to know).
The amended application must include a detailed method statement of every step of the necessary rebuild, and there will be a 6-8 week wait until we have a decision.

Fair, I suppose.
Option 1 (carrying on with the existing planning permission) would have been better for us but was a bit of a stretch to hope for, and 3 (condemning the barn as unsalvageable) would have caused major headaches of the stress variety, not least because the insurance may not have paid out the full value.

I would write #blessed but
a. It’s still a bit premature, and
2. then I’d have to voluntarily #punchmyselfintheface

This post is brought to you in association with Messrs Sauvignon and Blanc.


Lots of men supporting my saggy bits


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