Lots of boring holes

Nothing very exciting to update the blog with…. which apparently isn’t going to stop me.

Five metre trial bore holes have been bored to check the underlying ground characteristics, which will then determine how deep any new foundations have to go. Result: Five metres of mostly clay.
Praise be to the ancient God of alluvial deposits. Maybe…. Muddha? Sorry.

On a not entirely unrelated topic, the new amendment has officially been noted as “Received” by the council planning department. Inexplicably it’s six to eight weeks until a decision, they said. Boring holes.
(If you’re reading this, not you John, you’re lovely. Please say yes.)

Have I mentioned that the revised plan we have submitted involves carefully taking down the damaged rear wall brick by sodding brick? Which doesn’t sound time-consumingly expensive at all, does it? But on the plus side, as previously noted (go away and read the rest of my blog), the walls are triple thickness. Which means we’ll need to buy fewer reclaimed bricks when we eventually get to build the planned extension. A huge saving which will offset the extra labour costs.
See? Charming naivety*. In our imaginary episode of Grand Designs KMcC is now shaking his head condescendingly but ruefully.

*See also: Nearly there.. unless
And most of my other posts TBH

Meanwhile, we had been waiting for a dry weekend to make a start on reclaiming some more bricks from the monster piles of crap. Sommat to do in the next 6 to 8 weeks, we thought. It soon (translation: “we rapidly got bored”) became clear that the thousand or so bricks the builders had saved and stacked were pretty much all of the whole ones left from The Rubble Formerly Known As The South Gable Wall. In other news we’ll be able to have some amazing crazy-paving brick paths if we want them.

My current Google search history includes “101 Things To Do With Broken Bricks”, and “how to extract rust splinters from your inner thighs”.

Back in normal people world my littlest sis is doing a bit of redecorating and asked my advice on flooring and paint colours. Sigh. She might as well nick my chosen paint for the interior walls of the barn, a subtle classy pale mushroom called Snowfall which will most likely be discontinued long before I get to use it.
I remember those exciting days pre-collapse, when I would sit for hours planning all the interior designs with my imaginary unlimited budget. They were more innocent times.

Pure white marble bath with solid platinum waterfall taps and floor to ceiling aquarium, you say? Now I’ll just be grateful when we have the correct number of walls.




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