Decisions, decisions

We’re away again, missing two more days of building.

Bad timing.

Really bad planning to have got married 25 years ago on Monday, just as lots of important decisions need to be made a quarter of a century later.

We’ve done 4 biggies so far

1. The windows. We had already chosen grey aluminium for the industrial look rather than the more traditional oak (maintenance free is a tiny bonus too) but a sample is now in and I could never have imagined they’d look so good. The finish we’ve been sent is matt but slightly sparkly like graphite.
They look way too beautiful to be in budget and surprise surprise they aren’t, so I told Mark he really needs to stop showing me gorgeous things if we can’t have them. He does have a cunning plan…. the same company supplies concrete, sand, paving etc. If we get everything from them, the big bill for windows might magically come down.


The window sample I got over excited about

2. How to reproduce the diamond pattern ventilation holes in a non-hole format. Those Building Control guys do unfortunately insist on a watertight building. After going round the houses quite a bit, the choice came down to two similar but different coloured houses. Either new black bricks set back to give the effect of holes, or our reclaimed original bricks set back to… you can fill in the rest yourselves (not literally).

Momentous. There was lots of indecision,  but then suddenly the builders needed to start so we ran out of time, said sod it, and went for option 2. Mainly because we’ve seen it done this way on a local barn and can’t picture what the black would look like.

To choose option 1.  we’d have had to shop for black brick samples the right size and do a mock up, and we’d be rushed into a decision and I would think I liked it initially but later I’d realise I should have gone with my gut instinct – the safer, easy to visualise option. And next thing you know I’d be up at 3 in the morning with a tape measure worrying about why it all went so wrong, and then I’d fall down a hole the builders had dug for the kitchen drains and break my rib. (A scenario loosely based on different real life events.) First world problems, eh?


Diamond pattern holes we had before have now become brick shaped small dents.


3. The flooring (or some of it). It’s the dark grey polished concrete I’ve researched online. Seen a sample in real life, loved it. Not quite in budget (see also: Windows) but I have a spare kidney I’m not using much.

4. Positioning of the four carved sandstone blocks at the barn doors that used to support the massive hinge brackets. Easy one. As close as possible to where they were before, with contingency plan in case one breaks – which is basically use the remaining three because they are so beautiful and I don’t care if it’s asymmetrical. Builders hate that, but we want to keep as many original bits as we can. If I were trying to be Kevin McC I might say it’s part of the history of the building, the vernacular. (I especially might say that if Me/Kevin didn’t understand what vernacular actually means in this context.)

I think I’m done for now. Can we go to Barcelona?


Dinosaur (or possibly cow) leg bone to add to our interesting object collection. Note how the bar for “interesting” is getting lower.


One thought on “Decisions, decisions

  1. Vernacular 🙂 yep, heard that a lot.
    Another buzz word no-one really understands what it means but crops up a lot is Organic. Everything becomes Organic. Not as in the food type, but as “its organic to the structural intentions”, or “it evolved organically” i.e. we’ve no clue why it worked out but went with the flow and this was the result…..

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