Woman’s prerogative

I have a hundred things on my To Do list, including – believe it or not – designing proper, and pretty much final, kitchen and bathroom plans. “Even at this early stage when you’re only built up to first floor level and the joists are just going in?”, I hear you cry. Yes. Apparently I need to know the exact positions of my future induction hob and toilet* so that the builders can allow for extractor fan and soil pipe respectively.

*FYI not in the same room

The kitchen plan is already giving me headaches as there are way too many windows in inconvenient places. The architect selfishly put them exactly where all the beautiful views are, but then he didn’t have to work out where my bread maker, juicer, smoothie maker and guava peeler were going to go, now did he? Not that I’m complaining – alright I am a bit, but I feel guilty about it, OK?

The master bathroom plan ditto. It was done (hahahaha) ages ago  but I’ve just had it pointed out to me that the position of the three toilets in the house mean there would be three separate soil pipes, so it needs a complete re-think. We hadn’t planned for extra steel beams either, but the bath I’d like weighs 145kg – and that’s unfilled. Not that I’m ever going to let anyone actually use it, it’s way too beautiful.


Ornamental bath, not for use.

We also have to finalise internal wall positions; begin to consider first fix electricity to sockets and lighting inside and out, (plus data cables**, whatever they are); choose window designs -Georgian bars or plain, casements or sashes; think about internal door styles -reclaimed or new, painted or varnished……….

See? Endless.

**Mike’s job, the other 99 are mine.

Most of these things had already been decided, just in case you’re wondering why we seem so disorganised, but stuff keeps mysteriously and spontaneously wanting to change itself as it becomes easier for us to walk around and visualise room layouts and sizes. Nothing to do with woman’s prerogative at all. Nope.

Way too busy to write any more words, so here are some pictures.


Me laying a brick (not a euphemism, although that scaffolding is pretty high!)


First rise scaffolding. Old photo, we’re now onto the second rise.


Entrance hallway with faceted staircase wall


Builders. Probably pondering the position of my pipes


Some first floor joists. (Well, I was excited)



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